3D origami big swan assembly diagram (tutorial, instructions)

Video description

Showing how to make big swan out of paper 3D origami. To assembly such a swan will need plenty of triangular pieces (triangles). But it will be a truly magnificent interior decoration. And will complement your collection of 3D origami animals in categories birds swans.

We need for assembling big swan is 1570 pieces (triangles). It means that the swan figure consists of more than 1500 pieces!

We need:

1048 white and 522 red triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Begin to make the body of a swan.

Make three rows of 51 white piece of each.

Make 4th row of white

Make 5th row of red

6th row repeat in a circle 2 white, red..

Then displace the pattern aside

Move the pattern

Again move the pattern

Then make one red rows and 4 white

Making breast.

1st row: red, 10 white, red

2nd row: red, 9 white, red etc. "Pyramid" up to the top

Make the wing reverse side pieces out.

According to the pattern shows

The row has 15 pieces

Making 14 rows

Will further reduce the number of pieces in a row

continue make "pyramid"

By analogy make second wing

Make edging pieces of red on the wings (front and top)

Make a ponytail

Make the neck: 2 red, white (18 times)

bend your neck

Make the beak

And now you know how to make big swan made of paper in technology Chinese modular origami (3D origami). Use this video as master class for the assembly big swan.

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